Our Process
The MYSI Process

MYSI works to transform the juvenile justice reform process from a traditional correctional approach into a rehabilitative and therapeutic model. Our goals are to make positive long-lasting changes in the lives of the youth we touch. This is all made possible by the approach we use to create this model.

In order to determine where MYSI?s assistance is needed we work with our clients to assess and evaluate their facilities and current reform system in place. The step by step process we use to transform their current juvenile justice system is outlined below.

Process - Step 1 Pre-Assessment Phase
Meet with leaders, Identification of interests, issues, challenges and strengths.
Share about the Missouri Approach
Process - Step 2 Site Visit
Leader, staff and student interviews
Process - Step 3 Leader Overview (how we work)
In depth overview of MSYI Implications MYSI basic tenets
Process - Step 4 Assessment of System (ongoing throughout the process)
Process - Step 5 Leadership Track
Planning & Retreats, Debriefings, Strategic implementation plan
Process - Step 6 Implementation Plan
Process - Step 7 Address Critical Factors
(decisions that need to be made prior to training and implementation of startup group)
Process - Step 8 Begin Training View Leadership and Staff Development Modules
(with representatives from executive leadership, program management, start-up staff team with their team leaders, and training team)
Process - Step 9 Coaching
Process - Step 10 Stabilization of Start-Up Site
Process - Step 11 Repeat Cycle
Repeat steps 8 & 9 with next group/dorm