Training and Consultation
  • Leadership training
  • Designing organizational structure to promote change
  • Moving beyond behavioral approaches to change
  • Creating a team approach to facilitate best practices
  • Strategic planning
  • Rehabilitative program foundation building
  • Understanding a rehabilitative model
  • Working effectively with youth groups
  • Working with communities
A Rehabilitative Approach

We work to move juvenile justice systems from a traditional correctional approach toward a rehabilitative and therapeutic model where youth are treated in a humane and nurturing environment that results in the youth making positive and long-lasting changes. Working hand-in-hand with our client?s organizational leadership team, the MYSI team conducts an initial assessment and evaluation of a jurisdiction?s facilities and system to determine the feasibility and ability of MYSI?s assistance.

Our team assesses the client?s programming, organizational structure, behavior management systems, patterns of incidents, staff turnover patterns, training, leadership development, physical plant and facility placement, and job descriptions. This information is gathered through direct observations and interviews. This is followed by application of the foundations of the Missouri approach to all aspects of the client?s organization.

MYSI - Trainers with years of experience

Safety is always first and foremost in achieving successful results, and we have found that there is a need for basic and intensive training on safety, as that is a necessary prerequisite to the effective provision of any treatment model.

Our trainers, who have years of experience in the Missouri system develop interactive training, provide technical assistance and form workgroups to facilitate organizational change.